Project Management

Project Management - A Cradle to Grave Service

At Superite Tools we are able to offer our customers a complete cradle to grave service, with full support through the repair and modification process.

Our expert team of technicians continuously work alongside our customers to ensure the correct services and processes are used, in order to correctly repair or modify the tool in the most efficient manner.  

Prompt quotations completed from on site visit, marked up moulding or CAD data.  This one stop approach helps to reduce management costs and ensure a smooth, cost effective repair solution.


Although we do not undertake new tooling here at Superite, we have worked closely with a number of overseas companies to see their projects through from cradle to grave, giving our customers a competitive price but peace of mind that your tooling projects are in safe hands.

There is no compromise in quality or precision, all tools are manufactured to our high standard with full support and warranty

We can work with you to design your required tool; project manage throughout or we can simply get involved at the final stages to ensure your tool meets your required standards.  We will provide you with regular updates and photographs to ensure a smooth transition to completion.

For your own peace of mind, we strip and water test all tools before we invite you over to inspect them, we can arrange for sample moulding to be done if required to ensure that when your tool goes into your press it work right fist time.