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Plastic Moulds

Plastic injection mould tools modifications and repairs

We offer a dedicated service for modifications and repairs of Plastic injection mould tools up to 15 tonne.

We work with all types of Plastic Injection Mould Tools including multi-cavity, composite, inset and 2 shot.

If you have issues with a plastic mould tool that you cannot produce good quality parts from, we can investigate the build and design, modify and retrial in order to give you the quality of moulding you require.

Our expert facilities allow us to carry out full refurbishment and modifications on any existing Plastic injection mould tool. This includes the repair of damaged tools and any design modifications.

This ensures continued production capability for our customers without the expense and time delay incurred in manufacturing a new tool.

We can also reverse engineer older Plastic Mould tools if no CAD is available. 

We correct and modify tools manufactured overseas.